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As many know, almost all of the 1890 census returns of the U.S. were lost in a fire in Washington, DC in 1921. In a few cases, the respective counties made additional draft recordings that year. In Washington County, such a draft copy was spared and is on file at the Courthouse in Sandersville, GA. and copies are found in diverse places, such as the Washington Co, Historical Society. Unfortunately, not all the same information called for on the federal form was necessarily recorded in the counties. This is the case in Washington County. It does, however, give us, names, ages, State of birth, sex, race, and order of listing, as taken by the census taker. This has not been available, at least free, online until now, we think. As a service of the Brantley Association with noted support of Ambassador Members, Jimmy Lynn Brantley and Bruce H. Storm, we here freely make these so available and hope it will benefit those who visit. One of our primary goals of the Association in recent years, has been to make hidden records, such as this, available without charge or subscription to those who are seeking out their family histories.

As a project, we would like to index the entire collection. If you would like to participate in that project, let us know at brantleyassoc@gmail.com and we will advise you of the current status and report when and if the project proceeds.

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