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Welcome to our Cobb County, Georgia, digitzed record collection. Here you will find books organized and indexed into image galleries. Indexing is not complete but is ongoing. If you would like to participate in this volunteer effort then please contact us.
  Indexing Instructions
  Indexing Template

Homestead Book Confederate Pension Book
Estate Records and Papers Deed Records
Marriage Indexes and Books Land Lot Index
Will Book Promiscuous Books
Minute Books Superior Court Books

    Gallery Index Notes
  Homestead Book 1866-1928 (top)      
       Index Pages  View    
       Text Pages       
  Estate Records (Pre 1901) (top)      
       A-D 1866  View    
       E-K 1866-1900       
       L-R 1866-1900       
       S-Z 1866-1900       
   Misc Estate Papers       
  Marriage Indexes and Books (top)      
       Marriage Index Book 1
     White men 1865-1937 
       Marriage Index Book 1
     White women 1865-1937 
       Marriage Index Book 1
     Colored men 1865-1937 
       Marriage Index Book 1
     Colored women 1865-1937 
  Marriage Book White 1865-1876      
  Will Book 2A 1866-1918 View    
  Minute Books (top)      
       Book A 1865-1879  View    
       Book B 1880-1888  View    
       Book C 1889-1893  View    
       Book D 1893-1896       
       Book E 1897-1901       
  Confederate Pension Book 1891-1920      
  Deed Records 1866-2005      
  Land Lot Index 1868-1938      
  Promiscuous Book A      
  Promiscuous Book B      
  Superior Court Book 1866-1868      
  Superior Court Book 1866-1870