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The initial membership fee in the Brantley Association of America is $25.00. When one joins the association he/she becomes a member for life. The first year the new member will receive Ambassador member privileges. The Ambassador members are those members of the Association who wish to support the efforts of the research and dissemination of findings to others of the group. The Ambassador status, after the first year, requires $25 annual dues. The Ambassadors will receive copies of exchanges between it and its members and others who submit information of interest to us. Also any studies made during the year, worthy of dissemination, are also provided to the Ambassador.

The General member, while covered as an Ambassador the first year, but does not, afterward pay annual dues and take park in the cost of operation of the Association, will still be identified in membership files and hold the membership number issued to him. All members will receive an annual newsletter and can ask and receive responses from the Association at any time pertaining to their own line.

Members should understand that the Association was established as a nation-wide effort to tie together the descendants of Edward Brantley of 1638. Membership in the association carries the expectation that members consider themselves honor bound to share with the association and its members any new information on pre-1890 Brantleys and newly discovered info of these during their future research.

Note: All applicants should provide contact info including address and phone number and must have e-mail address to receive service and should be able to receive typical Word documents and images. Please remember to always update us with changes, especially, in phone number and e-mail address. We have lost contact with many members because of the failure to do this, while meaningful new info was discovered on their line afterwards.

To join our association with Ambassador privileges, you can mail a check for $25 to us with this form. No shipping charges apply.

For more information please contact Ken Brantley