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The Brantley Ancestral File includes over 16,700 persons of Brantley descent. They are shown in alphabetical order. The following are facts pertaining to the file:
  • The Association does not try to maintain names of persons born much after 1900 in its Ancestral File. There are exceptions, such as persons and the recent progenitors of persons who are members of the Association.
  • This is only a brief sketch of the information known on the person listed in our Ancestral file. It includes the name, date of birth (if known) the father (if known) and the RIN number (see below).
  • The file contains many other surnames of persons who married early into the Brantley family and in some cases, the lineages extend back into the 1200s.
  • The RIN (Reference Identification Number) is the number assigned to each person in the file by the PAF program itself. It is assigned chronologically and is not assigned by the person making the entry.
  • There are, by calculation, some 75,000 facts represented by this index file.  There are certainly mistakes contained in it. If you see anything that you perceive as incorrect, please let us know. We, in many cases, have entered data based only on information provided to us by close kinsmen. One is likely to find dates and details that may be wrong in more recent generations.
If you are a visitor to our site and have additional information on a line, please let us know. If you see your ancestor in the file and would like additional information, please contact me and I will try to provide at least a brief sketch of your lineage back to Edward Brantley of 1638. If you are a white American Brantley your ancestor is almost guaranteed to be in the file.

To view the ancestral file you will need a free PDF viewer.