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This is the collection of court and miscellaneous records collected by J. Kenneth Brantley over the last 50+ years. They show records collected in various states. Except in a few cases they do not include marriage or census records. I have seen over the years many valuable records lost because no one made the available after the death of the researcher and the discard of these by descendants. I trust I will be around for a while yet, but I cannot stand the thought that this collection should vanish after my departure.

Most of these records were transcribed before 1995. There are many spelling errors, many made by the original clerks, but others made during layers of transcriptions. Only a small percentage of these records herein were transcribed from the original clerk entries. Note that there is an unwritten rule that the name or word spelled by the original clerk is what should be transcribed and not entered as the transcriber thought it should be spelled. If the record is important to you, I recommend reviewing the original document.
Note also: Duplications which may have come from different transcribers

Many of these entries do not have sources. While this is viewed by some as an unpardonable sin, please understand that some were transcribed from others' notes which carried no source. A few were made when I began my research as a toddler and the importance of the source document was not appreciated. Yet others were just plain lost. I had a choice; do not unveil these records, or do so with many errors of spelling and lack of source material in some cases.

PS: There could be some remarks made to the file regarding the work or conclusions of another that may be offensive. Please let me know if you see such so it can be removed. I just do not have the time to review every file entry.

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