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Destroyed in 2014
All historical records lost

This collection includes, separately, the indexes of four early court record books of Hancock County, Georgia. They were abstracted, indexed, and published between 1997 and 2000. It was on Aug, 11, 2014 when the courthouse burned to the ground, with all historical and genealogical records destroyed. The precious and original court and deed books, going back to 1799 were lost. I am grateful that I had just a few years before, transcribe the records, word for word, of these four early books, indexed them by every man, woman and child, and published them with the support of the R.J. Taylor Foundation.

Herein lies the index of these records and all are invited to search them for their
kindred. If names are found, some of the microfilm page copies can be found on-line at FamilySearch.org under their catalog section.

If a visitor wants a copy of these published books, the are available through the
Brantley Association. For book liquidation prices, click here.


Hancock Ga 1799-1817

Hancock Ga 1809-1833

Hancock Ga 1817-1837

Hancock Ga 1838-1863