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Ken Brantley first became involved in genealogical research in 1962.  He may have taken short spans of time out to further his aviation career, but clearly his greatest thrill has been in genealogy.

He published his first genealogical book in 1985, a true Civil War story involving his mother's family.  In 1987, after 25 years of research, he founded The Brantley Association of America currently including over 650 membership families and still growing. As the president of the association, Ken has published over 3000 pages of historical  and genealogical data on the Brantley family alone.  In addition, he has published six commercial publications of various genealogical materials.  

In 1990, he produced the first known official genealogically specific documentary of an early American family.   The video production: Edward Brantly - His Life - His Progeny is found in libraries and in hundreds of Brantley homes throughout America.

In 2009, he initiated the digital imaging, web display and ultimate indexing of the complete courthouse collection of Southampton County, Virginia, the first known county in America (1740s through 1880s) to feature such a project. 

Ken joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 1968 and
became an airman examiner and aircarrier certification specialist
in the Flight Standards Division.  He flight-tested and certified
pilots, approved and monitored Flight Training Programs for
Pilot Schools and Air Carrier flight training facilities for over
25 years.  In 1998, after 30 years with the agency he  retired
from the FAA. He continued activity as a contract pilot, flight
instructor and designated Proficiency Examiner in the Lockheed
Jet Star, an aircraft he had specialized in for over 20 years,
until 2005.  

A native of Cobb County, Georgia, Ken and his wife,
Linda are the parents of six children and grandparents
of sixteen children.