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The Brantley Family:
Preachers, Planters, and Pioneers of the South

Comments received on the book:

* Ken, I received all my books yesterday and read well into the evening. Deepest gratitude for your leadership and enormous efforts to make this available to our families. They will be a great Christmas present for all my extended Brantley clan.  Bob Brantley,  Sandy, UT 

* A masterful work, the Brantley Family history book will be treasured for years to come by countless Brantley descendants and genealogy researchers in general. Thank you, Ken Brantley. Thank you, thank you! Wanda Orton, Fredericksburg, TX 

* Dear Mr. Brantley, I am so blown away by the books. I can't thank you enough for all the effort you have put into them and what a wonderful legacy, you have left. I'm just so grateful, that I am finally a real part of the family, I rightfully belonged to…. I'm just blown away by all the work you have done… What is so neat about this life is that if it weren’t for the story tellers, families would be so lost to the ages.   Mickey Brantley Altenderfer, Murphy, NC. 

* Dear Kenneth,  I am sitting in the Allen County, Indiana public library with your amazing book in front of me.  I am a descendant of Lavinia Brantley who married Jackson Bush.  I would love to have The Brantley Family: Preachers, Planters and Pioneers of the South  in my family genealogy collection.  Please send information on price and how to order. 

* Ken, I received the Brantley Book today and it has been many years since I have cried, and I've been to my share of funerals lately, but tears flowed when I sat down with this amazing work.  I was overwhelmed with appreciation of the undertaken this must have been.  To hold and see the names of all those Brantleys and related families was beyond describing.  I know a lot of people contributed family information and help, but it was you that spearheaded and guided this history for so long to be compiled into this work of love.  Ann Brantley Manning, Ashdown, Ark. 

* It arrived today, what a wonderful, comprehensive book you have written! Thank you for all the many, many hours of research and work to get this published! Just in time for a family Thanksgiving.  Again, thanks for all you have done. Julia Brantley Simon, Alexandria, VA

* Hello Ken,   Just wanted to let you know your book arrived today… Now that I have my copy,  I have opened it fully and for hours traveled through the entire book. I like the areas you have added that help us (Brantley descendants) as we travel through the chapters. I really enjoyed reading the family charts pages 1-54 and the documents pages in the back. How clever to add the family group record pages along with an Ancestor Chart. This makes our book personal. The Section Notes are a wonderful idea…. But Ken, it’s the pictures that make your book so outstanding. The pictures bring the words to life. They put faces to the words, thus making the words become very special. Oh, my dear cousin, I know you are so pleased with this amazing life’s work.   Marsena Smith, Pensacola, FL  

* Hey Ken, We got our books yesterday. They are terrific. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Sam Adams, Montgomery, AL.  

* Ken, rec'd my book on Thursday and am well pleased.  Thank you again for all of the work you put into this.  It will be enjoyed for many years to come.  Happy holidays   Bob Brantley, Ft. Mill, SC 

* Ken, I received my book this week and think it’s incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your life’s work with us. It is absolutely fascinating and reading our family history makes me feel so lucky to be alive! … I have met a small handful of Brantleys over the years and we’ve always joked about being cousins, but never found a common relative. Now I will be able to pull out this book and connect the dots! … Thank you again for all of your hard work! I can’t wait to show it to my family over the holidays! Suzi Brantley, Charlotte, NC  

* Your "Beautiful Book" was received 11-22-2013: Calvin A. Lewis, Burnet, TX.    

* It is a beautiful work that we will proudly pass on to our daughter.  It is an accomplishment of which you should rightly be proud.  It has already given me valuable knowledge of the Brantley side of my family, which I would likely never have had otherwise - and I have just started going through it!  Thanks again.  Zach Claxton, Highlands, NC. 

* Ken, you are to be commended for completing your comprehensive book on our family.  I guess you must have a great sense of pride and relief to see the final product. I would like to order five additional copies of the book, one each for my four children and one for Chicago's Newberry Library.  R. Lamar Brantley, Chicago, IL.  

*Ken I just rcvd my first box of books! The books are great.  Thanks Lisa Brantley, Belleview, FL 

*  Ken my book arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful!  I’ve just began to enjoy it and I’d like to say: “Thank you for all your work, sweat and tears”. I can only imagine how you pulled this off, but you did and your labor of love is truly beautiful.   Howard Walter Brantly III, Jackson, GA. 

* Hi Ken, Received the absolutely beautiful book today in Iva, SC.   Susan Murphy 

* Received my book Sat. 11-23-13.  Read it for three hours last night and really enjoyed it.  Thanks so much for the work that you all have done. I really look forward to continue reading it.  Jack Shurling, Tennille, GA.

* Ken, I cannot imagine how you have managed to do what you have done. The undertaking was mammoth! For my family, let me send a huge thank you for your efforts. My book arrived and I am thrilled. Diane Guest, Tucker, GA. 

*  Ken,  My 2 copies of the Brantley book arrived today – Joy!  No need to apologize for possible errors - they come with the search.  Emma Hill, Round Rock, TX 

* Got Book.  Fantastic job.  No telling how much time you put into this.  I doubt any family in America has a more comprehensive study.  Dale Brantley, McCalla, Alabama 

*  You've done a great job, Ken.  This is the culmination of a lifetime of work and you should be very proud of what you have accomplished.  My book will be a treasure in our family. Congratulations!!   Larry Jones, Burtonville, MD. 

* Ken I appreciate all that you have done. Galen J. Sr. and Patty Brantley

* Ken,  I received my book earlier this week.  Great book, wonderful job. Thanks for all your work.  Mitch McLaughlin, Chamblee, GA 

* Ken, …. I am very impressed with the book and am proud to have it.  I think you did a fabulous job.   Linda Adams, Columbus, OH. 

* Thanks  Ken Brantley, received my book last week and am happy with it.  With so many names in 400 years, they are now preserved.   Billie E. Brantley,  Lawton, OK. 73501-6388 

* Hi Ken, The book is beautiful.  When I feel like I have read all of it I am going to donate it to the Spring Hope Library or possibly the larger library in Rocky Mount for their genealogy room.  You can be sure I will have it in a location for the best exposure. Ann Douglas, Mooresville, NC 

* I received my book and I love it.  I would expect a few errors in any project of this magnitude, but you have done a very good job with reams of data and I appreciate your work and dedication to our family!  Brantly Buck, Little Rock, AR 

* Ken, my Book came yesterday!!!  It is wonderful, thank you so very much!  Thena Pettey, Rockledge, FL                 

* Should have sent email this morn.  Received book last yesterday.  It is a beautiful book but quite heavy !!!! . Thank  you for all your hard work you put into getting it to press.    Bobbie Heath, The Woodlands, TX. 

* Hi Ken, just wanted to let you know that I received my books several days ago and think its great! Wish my dad were alive to see it. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Thanks again, Brenda Brantley Powell 

* Ken, I received my copy.  The volume is so massive; I have barely begun to explore its contents, but I have been pleased with what I have seen thus far.  Take a break to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, and know that those of us seeking a greater knowledge of the Brantley family are giving thanks for your contribution to our understanding.  --  John Blythe, Huntersville, NC. 

* Ken, Just a note to say thanks for the authoring and shipment of the books, in plenty of time to give as gifts.  I'm very pleased and grateful for all your effort to make this book a reality. Bobby Don Brantley, Orlando area

* Just rec'd the books. You put in a lot of work. Just a thought; Could you have made 2 books, or too exp. It is done well. Thanks.  Charles and Nasemary Brantley, Live Oak, Texas 

* It's beautiful!  I am looking forward to the weekend, when I'll have a better chance to look at it more. Thank you, Ken.  You did a great job with it. Laurie (nee Jenkins) Grove Overland Park, KS.