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William D. Kizzah

So far as we know, William D. Kizziah was the first Brantley descendant to establish himself as a professional researcher on our Brantley family.  His work, which began in the early 1930s, has been embraced by foremost researchers of the present day.  A descendant of John and Hannah Brantley of Chatham County, North Carolina, through their son William, Mr. Kizziah spent much of life walking the lands of these forebears while researching the early Virginia records and those of Chatham County.  Because of his early research and his meticulous efforts, he was able to lay invaluable ground work for latter day genealogist.

William Doggett Kizziah was born March 1, 1895 in Danville, Virginia.  He was the son of  William A. and Elenora (Ennis) Kizziah.  He lived in Rowan County, North Carolina his entire life and was the Registrar of Deeds for that county, and served for several years, per the appointment of  President Harry S. Truman, as the U.S. Marshall for the middle district of North Carolina.  As a public official, he served with distinction in the many post that were entrusted to him.  He was married to Rosalie Wiley in 1931. His interest in genealogy grew from his early years as a court house official until his death on June 19, 1966.  Much of his work was collaborated with and published by Mrs. Ida Brooks Kellum in her book, "Brooks and Kindred Families".    It was the first major genealogical publication dealing with our Brantley kindred.   

The Brantley Association recognizes William D. Kizziah as the leading genealogist on the Brantley family of his time and acknowledges his work as a important pillow to our own progress.