Eugene Hamilton Brantley


Eugene Hamilton Brantley 1853 – 1938 - Eugene Hamilton Brantley was born June 4, 1853 in Bibb County , Georgia . He was the son of John W. Brantley and his wife, Rebecca. John was the son of Joseph and Dolly (Moreland) Brantley. Joseph was the son of Benjamin Brantley. Benjamin is likely the brother of Amos and Malachi Brantley formerly of Edgecombe County , N.C. Eugene ’s mother, Rebecca died when he was four years old and his father died when he was eight. He was adopted by relatives, but ran away from home at a very young age. He was in Hunt County , Texas by 1880 and Kaufman County , by 1900. He died in Rotan, Texas on February 7, 1938 .

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