Braydon Farm

Brantly Home - Front Braydon Brook Farm - believed to be built in 1751.
Braydon Brook Farm: The drive into the Brantly yard at Braydon Brook Farm was astonishing. The beautiful scenery, however, was just beginning.
Rhona Brantly, our super hostess here with Brooke at Braydon Brook Farm
Hostess Rhona Brantly at Brantly home; Braydon Brook Farm
Flowers at Braydon Brook Farm
Notice rock wall with the vertical rock on top.
L-R Brooke, Rhona, Jeff, Harold, at Braydon Brook Farm
Hedge work like most have never seen Braydon Brook Farm
Rhona Brantly, hostess, and Carol at Brantly Home
Special rest spot at Braydon Brook Farm
Dinner at the Brantly home at Braydon Brook. This was the first gathering of us all together. The setting was gracious. Jeff''s wife and supreme hostess Rhona,…
Dinner: We visited for some time with each other. Right: Harold Brantley, Ken, Jeff's sister, Kate Brantly. On the left: Katy, (Ken's granddaughter) Harold's…
Plaque shows one of many inventions by John Edward Brantly, Jeff''s and Kate's grandfather.
Harold and Jeff at Brantly home at Braydon Brook Farm
Harold, Kate and Jeff at Brantly home Braydon Farm Home
Two grateful visitors & the greatest host and hostess in the UK. L-R Jeff, Katy, Ken, Rhona