Bristol Quay

Bristol Quay 2022 The quay/harbor (70+ acres) is downtown Bristol England.
Atlantic tide, around Bristol, reached 25+ feet. When the tide is up, it floods into the Avon River. The river overflows then into man made canals Bristol…
The Bristol Quay/Harbour: The same quay Edward left from in ca 1638. Ships this size were common in the harbor in the 1600s.
An 1850 rendition of the harbour at high tide.
The canals at low tide left these boats in the mud: Was typical if one waited to long to exit the Harbour.
Avon or the canal in Bristol with tide low; no passage
Ship in or out with high tide or this is what you got.
View of canal with tide up
Bristol Quay downtown Bristol, England 2022
Rendition of a scene when ship was caught in at low tide in a high tide only spot.
Bristol Quay 2022
Bristol Quay 2022
Bristol Quay 2022 The senior Kate, asked these boaters to pose in front of their fondest boat/ship.
Bristol Quay 2022
A snack at the Bristol Quay 2022 Jeff, Katy and Ken.
Avon River at low tide.
Avon River at low tide (2)
Now, with a locke and dam, the water stays up in the harbour retaining water 24/7 from high tide.